New tour route in Anxi county sparks interest

equanzhou.com| Updated: Nov 12, 2020 L M S

A new tour route including four fine agricultural scenic spots in Anxi county, Quanzhou, a city in East China's Fujian province, sparked a great deal of interest when it was promoted at a major event recently.

It was presented at a beautiful countryside leisure tour promotion activity, held in North China's Shanxi province.

This splendid route connects four scenic spots -- China Tea Capital, Huqiu town, Yunling tea garden and Xiping town -- allowing visitors to experience the full gamut of the tea culture in Anxi county in about two days.

In recent years, Anxi county has vigorously promoted the development of its rural tourism, putting together a variety of exciting rural tourism products in different formats and styles, which has created something of a lucrative market niche for Anxi tourism.

China Tea Capital

Located in the southeast of Anxi county, China Tea Capital is a national agricultural tourism demonstration area, surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is a new tea industry city integrating tea market logistics, information exchanges, cultural tourism and scientific research.

Huqiu town

Huqiu town is a city-level tourism and leisure market town with very convenient transportation. It is a famous tea town, featuring a number of modern tea gardens and agricultural leisure tourist attractions.

The grape picking there and Galsang flower sea in the town have also become a tourist boom, receiving 1.6 million visits annually.


Huqiu town in Anxi county is a famous tea town with a number of modern tea gardens. [Photo/qzwb.com]

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