Cross-Straits Agricultural Products Fair kicks off

equanzhou.com | Updated: Sep 9, 2020 L M S

The 13th Cross-Straits Agricultural Products Fair (Quanzhou) kicked off in Nan'an, a county-level city in Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province on Sept 7.

The event has attracted the participation of more than 470 companies involving in the fields of grains and oil, special agricultural products, fruit, seafood, agricultural products processing machinery and agricultural e-commerce.


An exhibitor discusses products with a visitor at the 13th Cross-Straits Agricultural Products Fair. [Photo by Lin Jinfeng/qzwb.com]

Impacted by the novel coronavirus epidemic, this year's event was mainly held for six national Taiwan farmers' entrepreneurship parks, Taiwan-funded enterprises and associations and other enterprises in low-risk areas.

Using an online exhibition and livestreaming promotions model, it has established online display stalls and invited exhibitors and purchasing companies to participate online.


An online celebrity promotes agricultural products through livestreaming. [Photo by Wang Yujing/qzwb.com]

A cross-Straits agricultural products livestreaming festival was also held during the event by cooperating with well-known e-commerce platforms, to provide participants with equipment and platforms for real-time livestreaming.

In addition, an exhibition area for counterpart enterprises from more remote areas such as Shaanxi province, Gansu province and Ningxia Hui autonomous region was set to introduce their agricultural products.

Since 2008, the agricultural products fair has gradually developed into a grand event that showcases new agricultural technologies, products and achievements from the cross-Straits.

It not only promotes cross-Straits agricultural cooperation, but also has become an important platform for the integration and development of various endeavors including economic and trade exchanges from the cross-Straits.