Emerging industries

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1. New generation of information technology

The industrial output value in 2019 was 12.66 billion yuan ($1.79 billion). Quanzhou has formed several industrial clusters in mobile communications, digital audio-visual, intelligent security, components and materials. Quanzhou is one of the largest production bases for microwave communication function modules and repeaters in China, with its digital walkie-talkie products occupying more than 60 percent of the domestic market. Centering on the goal of building China Silicore in Quanzhou Semiconductor High-Tech Industrial Park, Quanzhou is developing the integrated circuit industry chain and compound semiconductor industry chain with Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit and San'an Optoelectronics as the core.

2. Biomedicine and new medicine

The industry's output value in 2019 was 1.62 billion yuan. With the goal of building a base of biomedicine industry and another for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) preparations, Quanzhou focuses on cultivating medicinal natural plants, modern TCM, functional food and new marine medicines.

3. New materials

The industrial output value of this sector in 2018 was 11.52 billion yuan. Centering on the construction of a new materials industrialization base, Quanzhou promotes the agglomeration and development of that sector. Quanzhou develops advanced polymer materials, advanced textile materials, new construction materials, new optoelectronic materials and high-performance ceramic materials in the direction of high-tech, environment-friendly and resource-oriented materials, with emphasis on the cultivation of graphene materials, new energy materials, bio-based materials and additive (3D) manufacturing materials.

4. New energy

The industrial output value of this sector in 2018 was 20.69 billion yuan. Quanzhou's semiconductor lighting industry initially formed an industry chain of "substrate materials – epitaxial wafer – chip ­­­­­­– packaging – application". Relying on Fujian Quanzhou (Hutou) Photoelectric Industrial Park, Quanzhou (Nan'an) Photoelectric Information Industry Base, Licheng High-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Quanzhou Taiwan Investment Zone Photoelectric Information Industrial Park, Quanzhou is promoting the construction of a research and development and production agglomeration area for semiconductor lighting, an efficient photovoltaic industrial base and a photovoltaic power generation demonstration area.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

The industrial output value of this sector in 2018 was 43.86 billion yuan. Quanzhou adheres to the clean production model of energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental governance, and has established a relatively complete industrial chain in energy conservation, environmental protection and resource recycling, by building national and provincial-level energy conservation and environmental protection industrial bases and industrial parks.