Leading industries

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1. Textile, shoes and clothing

The industrial output value of industries in this sector above the designated scale (annual main business income of over 20 million yuan [$2.9 million]) in 2019 was 293.21 billion yuan. Quanzhou is China's famous "shoe city", "leisure clothing city", and textile industry base. The output of textile and clothing accounts for more than 50 percent of the province's total and 10 percent of the country's, while the export volume of the footwear industry accounts for about 50 percent and 12.5 percent. These industries are mainly centered in Jinjiang and Shishi, and focus on casual clothing and sportswear.

2. Petrochemicals

The industrial output value above the designated scale in 2019 was 74.74 billion yuan. Focused on the construction of an internationally competitive world-class green petrochemical industrial base and a forerunner area for the petrochemical industry on the west side of the Taiwan Straits, Quanzhou is speeding up resources integration of the petrochemical industries in Quangang and Quanhui. Quanzhou also takes Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company and Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical as the leading companies to enhance the competitiveness of the refining-chemical integrated industry, to accelerate the development of the petrochemical deep processing industry, to focus on the development of new chemical materials and fine chemicals and other high-end petrochemical products, and to form a diversified development and supply pattern of basic organic chemical raw materials.

3. Mechanical equipment

In 2019, the industrial output value above the designated scale in this sector reached 54.31 billion yuan. Quanzhou is an important mechanical equipment industrial base on the west side of the Taiwan Straits. The city is carrying out the "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration construction plan. Relying on industrial parks such as the Fujian Equipment Manufacturing Industrial (Nan'an, Jinjiang) Base, Fujian (Luojiang) Intelligent Equipment Industry Demonstration Park, Shishi Digital Hardware Machinery Park, Haixi (Quanzhou) Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Base, and Quanzhou Taiwan Investment Zone High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Quanzhou is improving the level of intelligentization, scale and  specialization of industries such as textile and clothing machinery, shoemaking machinery, building materials machinery, food machinery, sanitary products machinery, CNC machine tools, new fire-fighting equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, and construction machinery.

4. Building materials and home furnishing

This sector's industrial output value above designated scale in 2019 was 105.16 billion yuan. Quanzhou is "the hometown of China's building materials", with the export volume of stone materials accounting for 55 percent nationally. Focusing on the establishment of a national building materials (decoration) industry modernization base, Quanzhou actively promotes the construction of Nan'an stone processing concentration area, Jinjiang Cizao Tiangong Ceramic City, Nan'an Luncang Plumbing Park, and China's furniture products city. Quanzhou strives to promote the high-end, intelligent, service-oriented and green development of stone, ceramics, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom equipment, cement, wall materials and other building materials industries.