Characteristic industries

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1. Food and beverage

The industrial output of enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million yuan ($2.87 million) or more in 2019 was 30.89 billion yuan. With leisure food, the processing of aquatic products, fruit and vegetables, and tea as its main business, Quanzhou is the national leisure food production base and "China's oolong tea town". The city's candy output accounted for 96 percent of the province's total and 20 percent of the country's total. By promoting the transformation and upgrading of the food industry, Quanzhou is building a modern food industry system that is innovation-driven, brand-led, technologically advanced, green and safe.

2. Craft products

The industrial output above designated scale in 2019 was 31.1 billion yuan. Quanzhou is known as the "world stone carving city", "the hometown of resin technology in China", "the hometown of rattan iron technology in China", "China's incense city", "world ceramics city" and "China's ceramics city". The city has formed a specialized industrial chain of craft products integrating design, production, raw materials support, innovation training, sales display, and tourism, with special focus on ceramics, stone carving, rattan iron and resin technologies.

3. Paper printing

The industrial output value above designated scale in 2019 was 21.67 billion yuan. Centering on the construction of a national paper printing base, Quanzhou focuses on the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly products, emerging intelligent products, multilayer compound high-grade flexible packaging printing and instant printing, on-demand printing, personalized printing, remote printing and other new forms of business.