Quanzhou implements quarantine for inbound travelers

Updated: Mar 18, 2020 L M S

In order to effectively curb the cross-border transmission of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Quanzhou in East China's Fujian province, has issued a notice on strengthening the health management services for international travelers entering the port city.

The notice targets all inbound travelers to Quanzhou -- foreigners as well as returnee Chinese.

From March 17, all inbound travellers are required to actively comply with local epidemic prevention and control requirements and strictly implement the control measures for centralized quarantine and medical observation for 14 days.

All fees incurred during the 14-day quarantine and medical observation period in Quanzhou will be borne by inbound travelers at their own expense.

During the observation period, those with a fever, dry cough and other symptoms will be sent to designated hospitals for diagnosis and treatment.

They are required to register personal information truthfully in advance through a WeChat applet before coming to Quanzhou; after arriving in Quanzhou, they should promptly cooperate with the local community to accurately report their personal identity, health status, residential address and contact information.

Relatives and friends of urban and rural residents, as well as employees or customers of enterprises and public institutions planning to come to Quanzhou from abroad, shall report travel information and contact information to the local community three days in advance, including flight arrival times.

Those with accommodation, such as hotels, guest houses and homestays, are required to strictly implement the registration and reporting system for inbound travelers and report related information to the local community.

As regards ships, during the epidemic prevention and control period, Quanzhou's port management department should strictly implement quarantine, prevention and control measures and overseas ship personnel shall not go ashore. It is strictly forbidden for offshore operators to have close contact with overseas crew.

Individuals and units that fail to report information will be seriously dealt with according to the law.

Those deliberately concealing contact history, residence history and who misreport medical conditions, or refuse to cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention and control measures, shall bear the full legal consequences.