Grocery prices remain stable in Quanzhou city

Updated: Feb 12, 2020 L M S


Quanzhou citizens choose fresh vegetables at grocery stores. [Photo/qzwb.com]

The government of the port city of Quanzhou in southeastern Fujian province has launched a series of measures to maintain the stable price of groceries, according to local officials.

To increase local production capacity, the city has strengthened the management of urban non-staple food bases to guarantee vegetable production in winter and spring. 

Areas such as rice and peanut fields were planted with fast-growing vegetables, and large quantities of vegetables such as rhizomes and cabbages were offered in market.

Officials said the local government had been paying close attention to the changes in domestics logistics -- and was trying its best to solve the difficulties encountered in the transport of agricultural products.

At the same time, the city's large-scale vegetable and egg wholesale transportation and sales enterprises were brought together and managed by the government in the shipping, storage and sales of vegetables and eggs.

Officials said that the daily supply and demand of meat, eggs and vegetables were being reported every day, so as to allow officials to keep up with the changes and deal with abnormal fluctuations in market supplies.

They added that at present, the city's grocery market remains stable.

An emergency fund of 400,000 yuan ($57,231) for transporting vegetables for epidemic prevention and control has been granted to vegetable wholesale enterprises, to increase the daily shipments of vegetables to outside cities by 150-300 tons.

As for pork supply, the volume of fresh meat being shipped to the market has increased rapidly, officials said. The volume of slaughtered pigs in the city rose from about 1,100 beasts on January 28 to about 4,200 on February 1, which officials said could basically meet the demand for meat consumption in the city.

Another 100,000 yuan of emergency funds have also been used for eggs. At present, the city sees about 200 tons of eggs head to market every day, a sufficient amount for Quanzhou. Officials said the wholesale price of eggs had even dropped by about 10 percent from the previous month.