Anxi county takes the lead in cloud hospital establishment

enquanzhou.com| Updated: Dec 2, 2019 L M S

Anxi county in Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province, has taken the lead in establishing a "cloud general hospital" in China by drawing on the experience of the "general hospital system" in various regions and combining it with recent developments in "internet plus health".

The county invested more than 100 million yuan ($14.22 million) and integrated the resources of its 39 hospitals. The online "general hospital" has served more than 710,000 people this year.

Based on the principle of "unified specification, code and interface", the "cloud general hospital" has built five application systems including a cloud HIS (Hospital Information System) system, a regional health collaborative sharing system, a regional public service system, an administrative monitoring system and a collaborative platform with electronic medical records as the core.

"We are promoting the use of electronic medical cards throughout the county. Patients only need to complete the processing and then can recharge in any hospital in the county, and the funds can be merged and shared across hospitals, realizing general use throughout the county," said an official from the health bureau of Anxi.

After the implementation of "cloud general hospital", the patients' satisfaction rate has improved. This year, through third-party satisfaction surveys, the overall patient satisfaction rate was 96.8 percent.

With the support of the "cloud general hospital", the hospital's cost expenditure has been greatly reduced, the work efficiency of medical staff has improved, and their income has increased. In the past three years, the average annual income of medical personnel in county-level public hospitals in Anxi increased by 25.47 percent and that of township hospital staff rose by 15.58 percent.