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Quanzhou National 4A scenic spot transformed from old factory

enquanzhou.com| Updated: Nov 20, 2019 L M S

An old former flour mill, Barley Barn in Quanzhou, Fujian province, has been transformed into an eye-catching steel-structured open hall to serve as an excellent venue for opening and closing ceremonies for major events in the city.

What happens when a historic, century-old flour mill collides with a modern steel structure? "An attractive city should cherish its history and be very willing to face the future. Quanzhou is such a charming city, "said Li Xinggang, the chief designer of the new building.

Barley Barn is 26.3 meters tall and 97.1 meters long and is a perfect example of integration with the high-rise buildings standing tall in Quanzhou. The metal color and open spaces have been integrated with the old factory building.

The renovation of the old flour mill started in late November 2013. When the construction of the new steel-structured hall was completed, the strong historical impression made it unique – a cylindrical barn shape, which echoed the barn of a flour mill not far away.

This new venue has greatly enriched the spiritual life of local residents, who can now enjoy cultural events their doorstep.

"Nearly 300 events have been held at this 4A scenic spot, including local cultural customs exhibitions and activities," said Fu Yuqi, deputy general manager of an industrial park in the city, adding that the scenic spot attracted more than 100,000 visitors during the National Day holiday this year.

To become a landmark in Quanzhou and promote the city's unique "Chinese style" culture, the park is set to take more steps to not only boost culture and tourism, but also open a window for the outside world to get to learn more about Quanzhou.


A naked-eye 3D show at the 4A scenic spot attracts visitors and local citizens. [Photo/qzwb.com]