Fujian Electric Vocational and Technical College

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Fujian Electric Vocational and Technical College is located at the foot of Qingyuan Mountain in Quanzhou, Fujian province. It is a public higher vocational college founded in 1984 and mainly engaged in full-time higher vocational education and production skills training for electric power employees.

There are two campuses and two training bases, with a total building area of 150,000 square meters. Collectively known as the "garden-like campus", the college has won Fujian's "civilized college" honor eight consecutive times.

The college has adhered to the practice of "students-oriented" educational philosophy, and continues to deepen reform of its teaching methods, pushing forward the reform of constructing a "wisdom campus", building an excellent teaching team and providing innovative personnel training.

Since its establishment, the school has delivered more than 25,000 graduates in various majors, with the employment rate of graduates above 95 percent. In the past five years, the employment rate of graduates has reached 100 percent.

The annual training volume increased from less than 40,000 people per day in the initial stage of the establishment of the skill training center to more than 160,000 people per day in 2018.

In the past seven years, the college has carried out 2,911 skill training sessions, with 113,017 person-times and 594,801 people every day, and the training service capacity has been significantly improved.


Fujian Electric Vocational and Technical College[Photo provided to enquanzhou.com]