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Yongchun county

enquanzhou.com| Updated: Nov 15, 2019 L M S


Yongchun county [Photo provided to enquanzhou.com]

Yongchun county in Fujian's Quanzhou, known as Taoyuan in ancient times, has a history of more than 1,000 years. The county covers 1,468 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 22 townships and 236 villages (communities) with a population of 603,000.

In recent years, Yongchun has focused on improving the quality and efficiency of development and accelerating the formation of the system, mechanism and development mode leading the new normal of economic development.

Yongchun has a forest coverage rate of 69.5 percent, with the afforestation rate reaching 95 percent. It is a national ecological county, a national sanitation county and a famous tourism county with the most distinctive charm in China. There are 10 national A-level scenic spots, and it is one of the counties with the most A-level scenic spots in the province.

The county has abundant natural resources and a profound cultural foundation. It is the ancestral home to about 1.2 million overseas Chinese around the world.