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Anxi Economic Development Zone

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Anxi Economic Development Zone [Photo provided to enquanzhou.com]

Anxi Economic Development Zone, constructed under the layout of "one zone with three parks", has a planning area of 123 square kilometers and a developable area of 80 sq km.

1. Urban Industrial Park

The park focuses on the development of traditional industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, tea, clothing, printing and packaging, and actively develops emerging industries such as electronic technology, tea machinery, biomedicine and biological sector, so as to further enhance its core competitiveness and build an innovation-driven strategy demonstration area.

2. Longqiao Industrial Park

The park focuses on developing a comprehensive functional area of information technology, electronic machinery, clothing, shoes and hats, building materials, food processing and tourism services, and aims to build an information technology industrial park and a digital media industrial base.

3. Hutou Industrial Park

The park gathers the innovative resources of Hutou photoelectric industrial park, focusing on the development of high-end manufacturing, research and development and incubation, photoelectric, building materials smelting, power generation, construction machinery, electronics and other emerging industries and service functions.