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Shishi High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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Shishi High-Tech Industrial Development Zone [Photo provided to enquanzhou.com]

Shishi High-Tech Industrial Development Zone boasts superior geographic advantages. It is located on the south bank of Quanzhou Bay, east of Taiwan Straits, west of Jinjiang and Quanzhou city, and north of the national first-class port, Shihu Port, and south of Shishi city. It is 10 kilometers from Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport and 2.5 km from the entrance to Shishi north expressway.

In November 2010, the zone was officially upgraded to a national high-tech industrial development zone with the approval of the State Council.

In 2018, the industrial output value of Shishi high-tech zone exceeded 30 billion yuan ($4.26 billion) and the investment in fixed assets exceeded five billion yuan.

Shishi high-tech zone focuses on developing several industrial clusters with advanced technology, distinctive features and strong competitiveness.

For instance, relying on its marine biological science and technology park, the zone has formed a relatively complete marine biological industry cluster, from fishing and seafood processing to marine biological medicine, marine healthcare products and fine chemical products.